Achraf Hakimi Uses Clever Asset Protection Strategy in Divorce Settlement

Achraf Hakimi, the talented Moroccan footballer signed with PSG, has found himself in the middle of a divorce settlement with his wife, Hiba Abouk. However, unlike most high-profile divorces, Hakimi seems to have an ace up his sleeve – he’s registered all his property and assets under his mother’s name.

According to reports, Hiba Abouk has demanded more than half of Hakimi’s property and fortune. But upon arriving in court, it was discovered that the footballer has no property, cars, houses, or jewelry in his name. Instead, he’s registered all his assets under his mother’s name. Moreover, 80% of the €1 million he receives from PSG monthly is reportedly deposited into his mother’s account.

This strategy is not new, and it’s commonly used by high net worth individuals to protect their assets in the event of a divorce or legal proceedings. It’s a clever tactic that can save them from losing a significant portion of their wealth. In fact, many wealthy people create trusts, foundations, or LLCs to protect their assets from creditors or ex-spouses.

Although it’s unclear why Hakimi chose to use this strategy, it’s clear that he’s taking steps to protect his wealth. The footballer’s financial advisors have likely advised him on the best ways to manage his assets and minimize his financial risks.

Achraf Hakimi’s clever asset protection strategy is helping him safeguard his wealth during his divorce settlement. While some may criticize the tactic as sneaky or unethical, it’s a legitimate strategy that many wealthy people use to protect their assets. And given Hakimi’s rising star in the football world, it’s clear that he’s making smart financial decisions to secure his future.

Asonya Gh

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