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Differences Between Growth and Development

Here are ten differences between growth and development presented in a tabular form:

Growth Development
1. Refers to an increase in size, quantity, or mass. 1. Refers to an overall advancement or progress.
2. Mainly focuses on physical changes. 2. Encompasses physical, cognitive, and social changes.
3. Can be easily quantified or measured. 3. Often involves qualitative and subjective aspects.
4. Generally follows a predictable pattern. 4. Progresses at varying rates and is more individual.
5. Primarily influenced by genetic factors. 5. Influenced by genetics, environment, and experiences.
6. Growth typically occurs in a linear manner. 6. Development may exhibit non-linear patterns.
7. Growth primarily occurs in early life stages. 7. Development continues throughout the lifespan.
8. Growth tends to stabilize after reaching maturity. 8. Development may continue and change throughout life.
9. Can be assessed through physical measurements. 9. Assessed through various methods, including observations, evaluations, and assessments.
10. Growth is essential for survival and reproduction. 10. Development involves acquiring skills and abilities necessary for functioning in society.

These differences highlight the contrasting aspects between growth and development, emphasizing the physical and quantitative nature of growth, while showcasing the comprehensive and multifaceted nature of development.

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