GES System Under Scrutiny as Abacha Raises Important Questions

Ismail Saani Abacha has taken to Facebook to voice his concerns about the current state of the Ghana Education System. In his post, Abacha sheds light on the obstacles posed by political influences in the Ghana Education Service (GES) system.

According to Abacha, obtaining an appointment letter in the GES system often involves seeking aid from political figures outside of the organization, and occasionally, one might have to offer monetary compensation and it is now seen as the normal procedure. In a humorous tone, Abacha also quips that reciting the entire Quran may be required as well.

Abacha believes that the Ghana Education Service should be looking and begging for teachers, not making it difficult for them to join the service. He questions why the appointment process is so complex, given that the country is in dire need of qualified teachers.

He added that, despite the long road teachers take before they can even begin their careers, which includes the licensure exams, undertake national service, spend four years in college, and yet may end up doing mobile money instead of teaching. Abacha finds it hypocritical that so much effort is put into training teachers, only for them to face numerous obstacles when trying to join the Ghana Education Service.

Abacha suggests that the current situation is a result of the influence of politicians and their cronies. He suggests that the only way to change this is for Ghanaians to become more politically aware and hold politicians accountable for their actions. He highlights the need for change and urges Ghanaians to be politically aware and hold their leaders accountable.

Abacha has a strong desire to make positive impact everywhere he finds himself and adaptable with a multifaceted skill set and dynamic approach to problem-solving. His dedication, generosity, and philanthropic spirit make him a valuable asset to any organization or cause. With a self-motivated attitude and a vision for the future, he inspires others to strive for excellence and make a difference in the world.

Asonya Gh

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