MIKAR Events Hits the Mark Again with a Massive Turnout at “White on Jeans Pool Party”

MIKAR Events, a prominent event organizing company based in Wa, the capital of Upper West Region, Ghana, once again made waves with their recent “White on Jeans Pool Party” held on the 23rd of April, 2023. The event, which marked the second edition of their annual pool party, drew an impressive estimated attendance of 2,000 or more, showcasing their reputation as “Event Hit Makers” in the region.

MIKAR Events is well-known for organizing successful events that attract large crowds. Their unique and diverse offerings, including Pens Down for students who have completed their JHS and WASSCE exams, Club Parties, and the popular White on Jeans series, have gained them a loyal following among the youth and party-goers in the region.

The “White on Jeans Pool Party” was held at The Shield Bar and Restaurants, a popular venue known for its scenic poolside ambiance. Attendees were treated to a lively atmosphere with pulsating music by young catalyst of the year, DJ Anada and versatile DJ Rasky, a trendy fashion, and a vibrant poolside setup, creating a memorable experience for all.

What sets MIKAR Events apart is their ability to consistently deliver exceptional events and introduce new members to their team, which adds to their uniqueness and elevates their event organizing prowess. Their attention to detail, innovative concepts, and dedication to creating memorable experiences for attendees have earned them a reputation as one of the top event organizers in the Upper West Region.

MIKAR Events once again proved their status as the “Event Hit Makers” with the impressive turnout at their “White on Jeans Pool Party” in Wa. Their successful track record of organizing memorable events, unique offerings, and commitment to excellence have positioned them as a leading event organizing company in the Upper West Region. With their continued success, MIKAR Events is sure to keep thrilling party-goers and leaving a mark in the event industry in the region.

Asonya Gh

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