MP for Wa Central Empowers Constituents through Capacity Building Training

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wa Central, has once again demonstrated his commitment to the development of his constituents by organizing a capacity building training program. The program, which took place at the Wa Municipal Assembly Hall, aimed to equip attendees with skills in CCTV installation, gate automation, video doorbell installation, electric fence installation, and other related areas.

This is not the first time that Dr. Pelpuo has organized such a training program for his constituents. In fact, he has done so on numerous occasions, recognizing the importance of capacity building in the development of his constituency. Through such programs, he has enabled his constituents to acquire skills that are not only useful to them but also beneficial to the community as a whole.

This capacity building is scheduled to take place for Five (5) days and it’s an essential aspect of development, especially in areas where skills and knowledge are lacking. It seeks to equip  individuals with the necessary tools and expertise to create sustainable solutions that can address challenges facing their communities. Snacks alongside entrepreneurial talks are shared with participants and it is pledged that, tools and other incentives will be given to trainees at the end of training.

Dr. Pelpuo has been instrumental in ensuring that his constituents benefit from such programs. He has demonstrated that he is not just a politician but also a leader who cares about the welfare of his people. He has consistently advocated for the development of his constituency and has initiated various projects to achieve this goal.

In addition to organizing capacity building training programs, Dr. Pelpuo has also embarked on other initiatives aimed at empowering his constituents. These include the construction of schools and health facilities, provision of water and sanitation facilities, and the creation of job opportunities through the establishment of businesses.

The capacity building training program organized by Dr. Rashid Pelpuo is a testament to his dedication to the development of his constituency. By equipping his constituents with the necessary skills, he is empowering them to create sustainable solutions that can contribute to the growth of the community. It is essential for leaders to invest in capacity building programs as they play a crucial role in addressing the challenges faced by their communities.

Asonya Gh

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