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Progressive Youth Alliance defends Dr Rashid Pelpuo against false allegations

A press briefing was recently held by the youth activist group, Crusaders for Positive Change, in the Wa Central constituency. During the briefing, they suggested that the current Member of Parliament, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, has had enough representation of the Wa central parliamentary seat and  make a way for someone else to take over. The group cited various reasons for their suggestion, including the fact that Dr. Pelpuo has held the position for 20 years and does not adequately represent the entire Wa Central constituency, but instead favors his family and friends and has no plans for the youth.

However, the Progressive Youth Alliance, another youth activist group led by Abubakari Kotie Nurideen Bitis, seems to hold a different perspective. They strongly deny all of the claims made by the Crusaders for Positive Change and accuse them of spreading falsehoods that could damage the reputation of the NDC party.

The Progressive Youth Alliance disputed the false impression that Dr Rashid Pelpuo has no plan for the youth of Wa Central. They mentioned that the MP has previously outlined his plans for education, health, and job creation. They also pointed out that the assertion that the MP’s performance has dipped over the years is deliberately deceiving the public. They clarified that Dr Rashid Pelpuo’s best performance was in 2008, with 58% of the vote.

The Progressive Youth Alliance mentioned that Dr Rashid Pelpuo brought a team of experts to train young people in the constituency on two separate occasions. The training covered CCTV camera installations, electric fencing, automated door system operations, DSTV/satellite installations, soap making, sandals making, bead crocheting, dressmaking, hairdressing, and mobile phone repairs. The trainees were given start-up materials to start a vocation in one of the areas above.

The Alliance refuted the claim that the MP doesn’t support to those who insult or attack him. They mentioned that thousands of people benefit from the MP even after insulting him, and many of them are within the ranks of the other aspirant supporters.

The Progressive Youth Alliance warned their comrades not to be distracted by naysayers and to focus on finding a united party and a strong candidate to win the 2024 elections.

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