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Students Corner: How the Echo virus 11 replicates in a host’s system


A patient was rushed into a health facility with viral meningitis. On examination, laboratory findings revealed that the infection was caused by echo virus 11 (with an RNA genome). Also, further investigations shows a very high viral load in the patient. As a microbiology student explain how the echo virus 11 replicated in the patient’s system leading to the high viral load.


Here is a general explanation of how the Echo virus 11 replicates in a host’s system based on the information available in scientific literature. Here’s what I understand:

Echo virus 11 is a type of single-stranded RNA virus belonging to the Picornaviridae family. This virus is known to cause a wide range of illnesses, including viral meningitis.

When Echo virus 11 enters a host’s system, it targets cells in the host’s body that have specific receptors that match its surface proteins. Once it attaches to the host cell, it releases its RNA genome into the cell.

The viral RNA is then translated into a polyprotein, which is then cleaved by the host cell’s proteases into individual viral proteins. These viral proteins then assemble into new virus particles.

As the viral particles accumulate in the host’s system, they continue to infect new cells, leading to a high viral load. The immune system response to this infection can also contribute to the severity of the illness.

It’s important to note that the specific mechanisms of Echo virus 11 replication can vary depending on the host and the type of cells that are infected. Additionally, treatment of viral meningitis caused by Echo virus 11 typically involves supportive care, such as pain management and hydration, as there are currently no specific antiviral drugs available for this condition.

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