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Successful implementation of organisational strategy requires appropriate allocation of resources. Account for two (2) factors that commonly hinder effective resource allocation during strategy implementation.

Effective resource allocation is critical for the successful implementation of organizational strategy. However, there are two common factors that can hinder effective resource allocation during strategy implementation:

  1. Limited resources: One of the primary challenges in effective resource allocation is the limited availability of resources. Organizations may face financial constraints, a shortage of skilled personnel, or a lack of adequate technology or infrastructure to support their strategic goals. In such situations, organizations may have to prioritize their objectives and allocate resources accordingly. This can lead to tough decisions and trade-offs, which can impact the success of the overall strategy.
  2. Resistance to change: Another factor that can hinder effective resource allocation during strategy implementation is resistance to change. When an organization introduces new strategies, processes, or technologies, it can disrupt the existing ways of doing things. This can create resistance among employees, who may feel uncomfortable with the changes and be hesitant to adopt them. As a result, the organization may not be able to allocate resources effectively to support the new strategy, which can ultimately undermine its success.

To overcome these challenges, organizations can take several steps. For example, they can conduct a thorough analysis of their resources and capabilities, develop a prioritized list of strategic initiatives, and communicate the rationale behind the changes to employees. They can also invest in employee training and development to help them adapt to the new ways of working and be more open to change. Ultimately, effective resource allocation requires a comprehensive and collaborative approach that involves all stakeholders and aligns with the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

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