Team Hope Dreams Ideas Donates to Bahass Foundation

The sun was blazing down on the small town of Wa in the Upper West region of Ghana. The streets were bustling with people going about their daily business, but at the Bahass Foundation office, something special was happening.

Team Hope Dreams Ideas, an event organizing company, had decided to donate bags of cement to the foundation, which provided care for mentally ill individuals in the community. The president of Team Hope Dreams Ideas, Mr. Hafiz Abdul Sa-eed, also known much as Stylish Khofi Too Sweet, arrived at the office with Nubanie Nasiba and a team of volunteers, all eager to lend a helping hand.

The president and his team were welcomed with open arms by the staff at Bahass Foundation. They were led to the office where they met with some of the mentally ill individuals who were receiving care from the foundation. It was a touching moment as the individuals expressed their gratitude for the donation.

Mr. Hafiz addressed the group and spoke about the importance of caring for the mentally ill in the community. He shared his admiration for the staff at Bahass Foundation and commended them for their hard work.

The team then got to work and donated 5 bags of cement to Bahass foundation for the construction of a new building that would be used to house the mentally ill individuals.

Mr bahass, The CEO of Bahass Foundation expressed his gratitude and appreciation as he receives the items.  The foundation staff were beaming with pride as Mr. Hafiz and his team bid farewell to the staff and the mentally ill individuals. It is a day that would be remembered for a long time to come, Mr Bahass added.

Everyone involved had felt the impact of the donation. Team Hope Dreams Ideas had once again shown their commitment to helping those in need in their community.

Team Hope Dreams Ideas is scheduled to give Upper Westness the biggest memory of 2023 already with much anticipated program tagged, All black Affairs. This event has received enough expectancy and we all can’t wait for 10th march to have this experience.

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