Non-Church Based Traditional Practitioners in Ghana and Their Locations

Non-church based traditional practitioners are individuals who practice traditional healing, spiritual or divination methods that are not associated with organized religious institutions or churches. These practitioners often draw upon indigenous beliefs, cultural traditions, and ancestral wisdom to provide their services. They may specialize in various areas such as herbal medicine, divination, spiritual rituals, traditional birth attendants, bone setting, and more. Non-church based traditional practitioners play a significant role in many communities, offering alternative healing and spiritual practices that are deeply rooted in local cultures and traditions. Here are five non-church based traditional practitioners in Ghana and their locations:

  1. Traditional Herbalists (also known as “Wɔŋmabu” or “Wɔŋtsɛm” in Akan):
      • Location: Traditional herbalists can be found throughout Ghana, particularly in rural areas and traditional communities.
    1. Fetish Priests (also known as “Wulomei” or “Nanamom” in Ewe and Ga languages):
      • Location: Fetish priests can be found in various parts of Ghana, including the Volta Region, Greater Accra Region, and Central Region.
    2. Diviners (also known as “Okomfo” in Akan or “Sofo” in Ewe):
      • Location: Diviners are present in different regions of Ghana, with notable concentrations in the Ashanti Region and the Volta Region.
    3. Bone Setters (also known as “Kɔteŋ” in Dagbani or “Abɔbɔba” in Akan):
      • Location: Bone setters are found across Ghana, typically operating in their local communities or neighborhoods.
    4. Traditional Birth Attendants (also known as “Nyonyo” or “Adwumaben” in Akan):
      • Location: Traditional birth attendants can be found in various regions of Ghana, particularly in rural communities where they assist with childbirth and maternal care.

Please note that these practitioners operate in accordance with traditional beliefs and practices and may have specific names and designations based on different local cultures and languages. The locations mentioned are general and not specific to individual practitioners.


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