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Upper West Regional Coordinating Council donates 10 Streetlights to Nursing Training College of Wa

The Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) of the Upper West region has made a charitable donation of 10 streetlights to the Nursing Training College of Wa. The donation, made on behalf of the Regional Minister, was presented by his PRO Mr. Cletus Awuni, accompanied by other delegates from the RCC, including the Regional Minister’s PA Mr. Meigoro Abdul Rahman and Protocol Officer Mr. Sumaila Salia.

Mr. Cletus Awuni stated that this is just one of the RCC’s many plans for the school and promised to do more in the future. The Principal of the Nursing Training College, Ms. Christina Terbobri, received the donation on behalf of the staff and students and expressed her appreciation for the gesture. She said, “The streetlights will go a long way in improving the security system of the school. With proper lighting, students and staff will feel safer and more secure.”

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The donation of 10 streetlights by the RCC will provide the Nursing Training College with adequate lighting, especially during the night, making the campus a safer place for both students and staff. The availability of streetlights is expected to reduce the risk of criminal activity and enhance visibility around the campus, creating a secure environment for everyone.

The RCC’s donation of streetlights to the Nursing Training College, Wa is a remarkable effort towards improving the safety and security of the school. It is an excellent example of how local authorities can contribute to the development of their communities. We applaud the RCC for their noble gesture and encourage other organizations to follow suit in contributing to the growth and development of their communities.

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One thought on “Upper West Regional Coordinating Council donates 10 Streetlights to Nursing Training College of Wa

  1. We applaud the effort of the Regional Minister in his effort to enhance security in the College and the region as a whole.

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