Walid Jnr Weighs in on Dr Rashid Pelpuo’s Bid for Re-election

Dr Rashid Pelpuo, the member of parliament for Wa Central, is seeking to be re-elected for the 6th time. He recently participated in the party’s vetting and balloting process for their parliamentary aspirants, in which he peaked at number 2 on the ballot paper. However, after serving for 20 years, some of his opponents feel that it’s time for a change.

But not everyone agrees. Walid Jnr, a social media commentator, has a different opinion about the MP. According to him, “Change must be progressive NOT retrogressive, I will embrace change only for the right person & at the right time.” In other words, Walid Jnr is calling for a thoughtful and deliberate approach to change, rather than simply seeking change for its own sake.

Walid Jnr’s opinion reflects a growing sentiment among voters in the Wa Central Constituency who are calling for more accountability and transparency from their elected officials. Many feel that long-serving politicians like Dr Rashid Pelpuo have enough power and influence and that calls for a change.

However, it’s worth nothing that Pelpuo’s long tenure as Wa Central MP has also brought many benefits to the constituency. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge about the needs of his constituents, and he has been an effective advocate for their interests in parliament. It’s up to voters to weigh the pros and cons of re-electing him for a 6th term.

The debate about Dr Rashid Pelpuo’s re-election bid highlights the importance of progressive change in politics. As Walid Jnr argues, change must be driven by a desire for growth and development, rather than simply seeking change for its own sake. It’s up to voters to decide whether Pelpuo’s long tenure as Central MP is a sign of stability and experience, or a hindrance to progress and innovation.

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2 thoughts on “Walid Jnr Weighs in on Dr Rashid Pelpuo’s Bid for Re-election

  1. Change must be necessary & valuable, it must be timely right and it must pursue the vision of the youth. Anything short of this, is not worth it! iChoose Dr. Rashid Pelpuo ✊

  2. sure. To add to that …
    The Right Time Will Come When we get the Right Candidate to Take Over. That Right Candidate will have all the Attributes by all Measurable Standards above INCUMBENT MP. so Walk through the 3 persons seeking for change and if you so find any Attributes your candidate possess which the other 3 are lacking and which are above even the unprecedented achievements of our Hon. Dr Alhaji Hassan Pelpuo then you let us know. *Bring them forward for our perusals* if YOU SO PASS this test, from there we will give you not only the RIGHT Time but we will include you the Right Date… But I BET you !!! InnShiaAllah Hon. Will Win 2024 elections and you would by then still be struggling to get answers for this …

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