Students Corner: A Case Study on Multinational Company (MNC)

The union’s response to such a demand from the management of the company would depend on their priorities and objectives. Some unions may be willing to make compromises in order to protect the jobs of their members, while others may prioritize maintaining current wages and benefits.

However, in this case, it may be difficult for the union to agree to either of the management’s conditions. A 20% reduction in the workforce would mean significant job losses, which would be detrimental to the union’s members. Similarly, a reduction in wages may be difficult for the union to accept, especially if it would mean a significant reduction in the standard of living for their members.

  1. Alternative solutions to this demand could include exploring other cost-saving measures that would not have such a significant impact on the union’s members. For example, the company could consider reducing executive compensation, implementing furloughs or reduced work hours, or exploring alternative revenue streams. Additionally, the union and management could work together to find solutions to increase productivity and efficiency, which would help offset the decline in export orders. By working together, both the union and management could find a mutually beneficial solution that addresses the challenges facing the company while protecting the interests of the union’s members.

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