Ataaka’s ‘North to the World’ Hits 100K organic Streams

Released in February 2024, “North to the World” is more than just an album; it’s a cultural statement. Ataaka, a rapper deeply rooted in his Northern Ghanaian heritage, uses this project as a platform to showcase the vibrant music scene of his region. The album seamlessly blends traditional melodies with contemporary rap, creating a unique and captivating soundscape.

“North to the World” boasts an impressive list of collaborators. Ataaka joins forces with legendary figures like Kawa Stone and Abu Sadiq, hailing from the pioneering days of modern Ghanaian music. The album also features rising stars like Double Tee, Burna Razzy, and more, creating a compelling blend of experience and youthful energy. These collaborations add depth and dimension to the album, showcasing the rich tapestry of Ghanaian rap.


While the 100,000 streams on Audiomack are a significant achievement, the true impact of “North to the World” lies beyond mere numbers. The album has garnered a staggering Half a Million (500,000) streams across all major streaming platforms, a testament to its ability to resonate with a global audience. This organic growth, achieved with minimal promotion, highlights the strength of the music itself.

“North to the World” delves into themes that transcend geographical boundaries. Ataaka explores love, struggle, motivation, and life lessons through his raps, offering relatable narratives that connect with listeners worldwide. The album isn’t just about catchy beats; it’s a celebration of Ghanaian culture, showcasing the beauty and depth of music from Northern Ghana.

The success of “North to the World” paves the way for a brighter future for Ghanaian rap. It demonstrates the global appeal of the genre and the immense talent harbored within the country’s music scene. This album serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring other Ghanaian rappers from various regions to share their stories and sounds with the world.

Ataaka’s “North to the World” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a movement. It’s a celebration of culture, a testament to artistic expression, and a beacon of hope for the future of Ghanaian rap. With its organic growth and global reach, the album has sparked a conversation about the richness and diversity of music from Ghana. As Ataaka’s music continues to find new ears, one can only anticipate the impact it will have on the international music scene in the years to come. You can stream the North to the World Album Below.

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