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Controversy among NPP loyalists as Baba Waala and Hafiz clash over government’s new tax policy

Following government’s recent decision to impose a 10% tax on lotteries and bet wins has caused quite a stir among the ruling NPP party loyalists, particularly between Muhaideen Abdul Hafiz and Baba Waala.

Hafiz known much as Asem, a popular NPP loyalist, took to his Facebook wall to express his frustration with the new policy. He stated his disagreement with the decision, much to the disappointment of other party faithfuls who felt he should be defending the government’s decision.

Baba Waala, a renowned social commentator for the ruling NPP party, was one of those party faithfuls who expressed their disappointment with Hafiz’s stance. According to Baba Waala, he is yet to see Hafiz promote a single government policy on social media, and therefore, he shouldn’t be in a hurry to share opinions that do not move the party forward.

Baba Waala’s argument was that as a loyal member of the ruling party, Hafiz should be promoting government policies instead of publicly opposing them. He believes that the NPP party’s progress is at stake, and every member should be seen defending government policies.

Hafiz, on the other hand, is of the opinion that the imposition of the 10% tax on lotteries and bet wins is an unnecessary burden on citizens.

These arguments between Hafiz and Baba Waala reflect the divided opinions among NPP loyalists on the new policy. While some believe that the tax is necessary to boost the country’s revenue, others like Hafiz believe that the tax will only add more hardship to citizens.

As the Ghana government moves forward with the implementation of the new policy, it is important for all stakeholders, including the ruling NPP party, to engage in healthy debates and find a way to balance the interests of the government and the citizens.

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