Enhancing Corporate Governance in Health Training Institutions: A Collaborative Workshop by MOH and CHAG

The Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) recently joined forces to organize a three-day workshop on corporate governance for Health Training Institutions (HTIs) in the Upper West Region. This collaboration is a nationwide initiative aimed to empower HTIs in enhancing their governance practices and promoting excellence in healthcare education. The workshop, held at Nuoyong Hotel in Sombo, Wa, brought together representatives from all seven HTIs in the region, including advisory board members, management teams, heads of departments, and teaching and non-teaching staff.

The workshop was led by distinguished individuals in the healthcare and legal sectors. Mr. Felix Nyanteh, the Head of HTI, Dr. Aljahi AlimInuah, The Head of Legal affairs and Dr. Peter Kwame Yeboah, the Executive Director of CHAG, spearheaded the collaborative efforts. Additionally, Dr. Justice Boateng from the University of Cape Coast and Lawyer George Ajay delivered informative presentations. The event also featured a special appearance by Dr. George Yaw Segnitome, the former principal of the Nursing Training College of Wa.

Participants had the opportunity to delve into a range of critical topics relevant to corporate governance in HTIs. These included discussions on achieving peak performance within the landscape of corporate governance, addressing ethical and legal issues specific to healthcare education, team building through traditional dancing and its correlation with project planning and execution, workplace and sexual harassment, as well as the importance of emotional intelligence. Moreover, administrative guidelines tailored for health training institutions were also covered to provide practical insights into effective governance.

The workshop aimed to equip HTIs with the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance their corporate governance practices. By addressing important topics such as ethics, teamwork, and administrative guidelines, the workshop sought to foster a culture of excellence within healthcare education institutions. Emphasizing the significance of governance in HTIs, the collaborative efforts of MOH and CHAG aimed to create a solid foundation for future growth and success.

This is a commendable initiative by MOH and CHAG. By providing a platform for knowledge sharing and insightful discussions, the workshop enabled participants to gain valuable insights into effective governance practices. With a focus on enhancing healthcare education and promoting excellence, the workshop paved the way for HTIs to strengthen their corporate governance frameworks, ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare professionals in Ghana.

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